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    Some time ago, we Frs. Tims noted that we would work through the stipends for Mass intentions in the CTKCC parishes, especially those that had been on the books for more than a year. That is a no-no in Canon Law. For full information, Fr. Mark Stoll provided a thorough policy in keeping with Canon Law and diocesan policy which is still on our website. The “other” Fr. Tim has done a great job working through the accounts. He has talked with a number of retired priests of our diocese who are in need of Mass stipends, so some of those still on the books are being given to them. So, we are now able to receive new stipends for Mass intentions in all six parishes. As we move forward, however, we want to make sure no Mass intentions are kept for more than a year, and that no one person/family takes a disproportionate number of available times. For now, a general rule of thumb is that we can take a maximum of three intentions per quarter from one parishioner/family. It is likely, that only one of those three can be offered at a weekend Mass. — More information on this will be provided when we see the need for it.

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